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The Feng Shui Office Clutter Clearing System

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

If you cannot get rid of clutter in your home, the feng shui clutter clearing system is for you. It is powerful, simple, gentle to your well-being, and — most importantly — it really works. In order for this feng shui clutter clearing system to help you, you have to be brave and honest. The more honest you are, the more you benefit from the powerful results of a new, fresh and potent feng shui energy in your home.

  • Identify all your clutter — it's stealing your energy.

  • Declutter with a clear feeling that you want to bring to your home.

  • Plan the time for your clutter cleaning sessions. Limit the first three sessions to no more than 30 minutes each. Plan a treat after every session.

  • Gather the supplies you need. Use three boxes and label them "In", "Out", and "I Don't Know". Place the boxes close to your work area.

  • Pick up an item from your cluttered area and put it in one of the boxes. Repeat until your session is done.

  • The "In" box stays in if you have space for each item. The "Out" box goes out to friends, charity or a garage sale. Close the "I Don't Know" box and mark your calendar six months in the future. If you haven't needed anything in the box in that time, give it away without opening it up.

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