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My Background

Our family lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and I was a small business entrepreneur. I enjoyed working in California real estate and helping families organize and stage their homes for sale.I have organized many home renovation and construction projects over the years for our family and helped other families that decided to remodel or build additions to their homes. An essential part of all home remodeling was the packing up of the homeowner’s possessions, reducing the clutter and unpacking when the renovation or remodel was finished.


As leading small businesses in the San Francisco area, we attributed our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we developed throughout the years. I started Northern California Nannies placement agency and a few years later, we started the Los Altos Creamery. We believe that all of our customers and community deserve the highest level of service and commitment.


Uncluttered Places is now helping families, seniors, and small businesses organize and unclutter their spaces. We look forward to offering our services to Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, Cary, Raleigh, and Hillsborough.

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